Letters From My Shutter

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I present to you… the macro Harlem Shake.

Look guys, I made a hipster thing! My message to mother nature thanks to our lack of storms so far this season.

A few more shots from our chase near Great Bend, KS on April 7th 2013. For the story behind these images, you can read the full account here!

Spring in Omaha, NE. Shooting storms one day, and snow the next!

A few shots from Sunday’s chase near Great Bend, KS. Came SO close to producing a tornado at close range, but I’ll settle for the incredible structure!

The ice of Spearfish Falls, SD. Mist from the falls freezes over a period of months to form these ice “pancake” stacks.
Falling Rock Canyon, SD
Birds are weird. And this is slightly hypnotic.
Sometimes Captchas understand me better than humans.
Thought I’d make something in light of today’s events…
I may or may not have gotten bored in my printmaking class. I should not be given computer access.

e1ora asked: Hello! I started checking your Deviantart account almost daily over two years ago, and stopped doing it so frequently after you finished your 365 challenge. I just came here to tell you that you're wonderful and talented, and probably the person responsible for me getting into photography! Thank you for that. Good bye. c:

Aww, well thank you so much! That’s so kind of you to say. Glad I can be an inspiration and get people like you into photography! Comments like yours kind of make me want to do another 365 project haha. Thanks for stopping by! =]

Got kinda bored yesterday. This is my face.